Theater FroeFroe a children's theater with puppets and other people

Froefroe creates theatre for you; kids, youth and adults. Theatre in a cross-over of puppets, figures, objects, video, actors and live music. Figures theatre played in small venues but also in huge halls, tents, on location or in special projects. For all this we work together with professional writers, composers, actors, puppeteers, musicians, technicians, scene decorators and dress-makers. Froefroe has its own and international renowned work-studio where we, besides making our own theatre-puppets, also make things for television, and colleagues, such as puppets, costumes, creatures, scene decorations, or props.

Froefroe creates impressions, plays with the minds of the audience and makes things come alive with lots of humour, horror, poetry and rock ‘n roll. Between Little Red Ridinghood and Macbeth there’s nothing but a thin layer of latex-rubber.

Theater Froefroe has been rewarded repeatedly. Besides the singaalprijs and the provincial theatre price for writing, the municipal cultural profit and the dutch Hans Snoekprijs we also received the culture-award of the Fleming community for YOUTH THEATRE and the culture-award for the Walloon community for BEST YOUTH PRODUCTION, ‘AVAAR’.

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Theatre Froefroe lives in the NAMENSTRAAT 7, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium.
0032 (0)3 248 72 21   -     Mobile Phone Marc Maillard: 0032 (0)477 51 28 88

You can also find us on facebook and on youtube by JOEVANFROEFROE.

Know your way about our website:

With each production you can find a technical flash card, school files, review articles, press-photo’s and playlist.
The calendar on top of the menu is a general summary of al the productions.
You can not always by tickets through us. Most of the plays are played in theatres and cultural centers so in that case you have to by your tickets trough them.
Our shop has recipes for free and sells lovely theatre presents.