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Compagnie Frieda creates ‘Lampe’.

A random city.

A hat when it’s snowing,

Sandals when the sun is shining,

Cigarettebutts need to be trampled,

Dogs need to be walked, cars parked,

Several sauces spilt on white shirts.


Shutters and laptops snapped shut,

Just on more,

And the conversations stop.

Darkness falls.


Then, a light goes on in a window.

A boy who never sleeps,

Wanders and looks around,

Stands still.


Compagnie Frieda created the show Happily ever after at FroeFroe in 2010. This poetic, non-verbal puppet parable was very well received. This group of young artists has developed a very peculiar but above all very dynamic drive vis-a-vis theater, graphic arts, costumes, architecture and education. FroeFroe supports them financially, logistically and with advice. For more information, click here.  

Created and performed by: Wietse Vermeulen, Patrick Vervueren, Tina Heylen, Jan Palinckx i.s.m. Seppe Jespers (side architects) en Marjan Verachtert (jeannebijoux)