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"She put her arm around him, as if she wanted to invite him to dance. She bowed her head. They didn’t look at each other, they remained silent. They started dancing, slowly, stiffly. They danced on, more silently, she held him tight." Péter Esterhàzy, ‘Celestial Harmony’

‘Tomorrow Everything Will Be Different' carries a hopeful message, a promise, a looking-forward-to. Without determining what will be different, without putting the finger on the spot, this theatre show wraps itself around you like a comforting arm. And it makes you realize we are not alone in a seemingly indifferent universe.  

This show is a collaboration between CC Het Gasthuis in the frame of Boze Wolf Festival, Apojo and Company Frieda. The former Huize Eigen Haard, now Apojo, is an Aarschot-based npo that takes care of mentally challenged people. The people of Apojo share the stage with their attendants. 

Concept, form, direction: Nikè Moens, Katrien Pierlet
Acting: Isabelle Beynaerts, Stefaan Weyns, Antonio Dello Monaco, Shawnee Pels, Liesbeth Cockx, Sonia De Roover, Linda Wouters, Luc Van Bosstraeten, Wesley Verschooten, Sonia Cipido, Annick Wouters, Anne Tuerlinckx and Sooi Jacobs
Coaching: Eva Binon and Wanda Eyckerman
Photos by Pieter Dumoulin and Patrick Van Vlerken
Technique and Scenography: Compagnie Frieda, Vick Verachtert and Het Gasthuis
Logistical Support: Het Gasthuis
In collaboration with FroeFroe
With the support of the Flemish Community, the Province of Flemish-Brabant and CC Het Gasthuis