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Free adaptation of MALPERTUIS by Jean Ray for people from 7 jears and older.

Tchiek says: “Five million, then I can buy a boat, no, a ship.”
Uncle Philarete answers: “Buy the titanic, then you will have two: a boat and a submarine…”

Uncle Cassave is dying. His young nephew Tchiek is a sailor. On request of his uncle who he has never seen, Tchiek visits the house. Because uncle would like to see the whole family at his dying bed. They all attend the funeral and listen to the strange will. Tchiek will get his five million if he can stay 100 days in the house with his family. He starts to understand what the tough part of the assignment is, when he gets to know his relatives.
Peruchamon, Kreptylomon, Pyrommanom and Barbiemon have strange habits…

Tchiek discovers that something is not right with the body of uncle Cassave. The coffin is empty and never buried and the rumour says that Cassave disappeared already some years ago. Who is the dead man and what is uncle Philarete doing in the cellar of the house?

A unique multimedia project full of playful humour and fantastic dolls! A story about initiation. Initiation in the world of adults, love and life itself.
Everyone who has seen the cult movie ‘Freaks’, who has read E.A. Poe and likes ‘The life of Brian’ knows what we are talking about!

Project co-ordinator: Marc Maillard
Music by: Kathleen Van denhoudt and Bert Bernaerts
Actors: Liliane Keersmaekers, Maarten Bosman, Tania Kloek, Filip Peeters, Gert Dupont.
Light, sound, video and special effects: Ivo Kersmaekers and Filip Timmerman
Scenary: Bruno Smeyers and Filip Peeters.
Puppets and Costumes: Moniek Jacobs
Puppets by: Marc Maillard, Gert Dupont, Filip Peeters, Ina Peeters, Harriette Butler (apprentice Londen)