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A Lewis Caroll play for everyone of 10 and older.

Bushman and the enemy is a tragic-comedy related to the surrealistic language of Ionesco and the expressionistic images of Ensor. Ensor is the visual inspiration source of the scenography.
The text is based upon dialogues out of the work of Lewis Caroll and A. A. Milne (Winnie the Poeh).

The play is a long and far-going fight between an old and a young man. The old one thinks the young one is having an affair with his wife, which is true. The whole case is fought out on the street. Masked men are looking at them. The fight becomes a duel with chopped heads. Even death thinks it’s all a farce!

Alice         Eat me, drink me!
Enemy        Have you heard that?
Alice        Eat me, drink me!
Enemy        I am quiet hungry.
Bushman     Don’t grumble. It is not a nice way of expressing yourself. If you want to change into a pig, then I won’t have anything to do with you. Understood?
It is an ugly boy, but such a handsome pig!
Enemy     Could you please tell me why he sneers like that?
Bushman    He is a girl, that’s why, pig!
Enemy    I didn’t know that girls sneered like that. In fact, I did not know they sneered at all.
Bushman    They can. Most of them do.
Enemy        I know not one girl who does it.
Bushman    You don’t know many and that’s a fact.

Directing and Script: Jan Maillard
Music: Eric Satie
Actors: Jakob Beks and Peter Thyssen
Puppeteer: Bruno Smeyers
Dancer: Kathleen Rens
Sound and Light: Ivo Kersmaekers, Filip Timmerman
Trainee: Johan Rutgeers
Puppets and Realisation: Jan Maillard
Costumes: Moniek Jakobs
Scenery and moules: Gerda Van Herreweghen
Thanks to the workshop of Het Toneelhuis.