terug naar lijst

A sour comedy for all Germanmen older than 10.
The king is old.
He has to die, still that day.
He doesn’t want to. Why should he, he’s already alive for 1400 years and he has the power, also over life and death.
His two wives and butler try to make clear to the king that he does not have power over life and death and has to die as everyone else.
The king tries to show his power.

He was a brave general, he was a magnificent inventor, he was a great ruler of a gigantic empire.
Meanwhile, his army went fishing, his people ran away and the neighbouring countries marched on.

His kingdom has the size of a stamp now.
The king is only a bit pathetic.
Getting old is difficult, even for a king.

Directing, puppets and concept: Marc Maillard
Puppets and costumes: Moniek Jacobs
Moddeling: Jan Maillard
Scenery: Bruno Smeyers
Assistance video: Ivo Kersmaekers