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Commedia dell arte based on Lewis Caroll.  (DEC 2004 / JAN 2005)

EAT ME is a phrase from Lewis Carol in the book Alice in Wonderland.
Jan Maillard, the director, wants to play with this sort of phrases and humor for little children. It is also their world to play with words and the meaning of things. Children are very strong in that sort of playing with ideas and the thing that nothing is what it seems to be.

Director: Jan Maillard
With: Peter Thyssen, Jan Van Looveren, Tyni Bertels and puppetplayer Bruno Smeyers
Kostumes and puppets : Moniek Jakobs
Stage and production : Marc Maillard
Technician : Filip Timmerman

On tour 5/12/04 till 6/02/05