terug naar lijst

A poetic story for the littlest.
Little Marcel always talks to his mirror.
Not that you find yourself so beautiful.
Red hair and freckles are not really
something to be proud of.

He likes to be held.
Sit on the lap.
But it’s not that simple.
Everyone around him is too busy.
They come and go.
There’s so much to do.
Wash the car, vacuum cleaning, arrange holidays,
Making cakes…

He has no brothers and sisters.
In his much too large room
He has this little corner next to the radiator,
A little corner of blankets and cushions,
a camp.
Little Marcel gets always cold.
Icy cold.
Even in the summer.
Strange isn’t it?
Even ten sweaters don’t help.
And he sits there.
Waiting for a hug.
He doesn’t dare to ask.
How do you do it?
Can you ask such a thing?
Nobody has thought him.
“Do you want to hug me?”
It sounds so silly.
He dreams of it.

Together with his best friends,
Little Mirror and Little Flannel,
He decides to do some investigation work.

“Marcelleke Flanelleke” is a puppet and music performance for the whole family. All about cuddle-facts.
Every child, every person likes to be hugged. You never get enough.
“Marcelleke Flanelleke” is a search for love and warmth, where dream becomes reality.

Text: Nele Goosens and Bas Teeken
Music by: Nele Goossens
Directing: Marc Maillard and cast
Dramaturgy: Bas Teeken
Actors: Nele Goossens, Isabelle Van Hecke and Bruno Smeyers.

Opening on 18th of May 2002, 15 and 20 PM at the sun lounge of HETPALEIS.