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A musical by actors, singers, grandma’s and rabbits.

Of course you all know the story of Red Riding Hood and how it ends. In any case, our version will surprise you. The Musical "Roodkapje" tells the story of a girl and her mother, who is always arguing with the forester. Grandma plays the piano and wipes her nose with the cat.
And the wolf? Watch out for him! And bring someone with you who looks tastier then yourself!
21st of September until 8th of December 2001
Directing and text: Jan Maillard and Bo SpaenC
Composer: Bo SpaenC
Music by: Joost Van den Broeck, Peter Crosbie, Flip Kauwlier and Johan Vandendriessche
Actors: Thais Scholiers, Mark Peeters, Kristin Arras, Jakob Beks, Bruno Smeyers, Tinny Bertels, Gert Dupont and Filip Timmerman
Producer and light: Marc Maillard
Costumes: Moniek Jacobs
Puppets by: Jan and Marc Maillard and Ina Peeters
Scenery: Bruno Smeyers, Moker and Luc Willekens