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A performance with elephants, acrobats, freaks and circus for everyone of 7 years or older!

'Freaks' is about the life in and round the side shows of the twenties. Circuses where freak people (the without arms and legs, de hermaphrodite, de bearded lady,…) became legends.
Many freaks became quiet rich, others depended on the wishes of their circus directors.

Froe froe tells the story of Hans, a dwarf, who has been tempted by Cleo, the normal and beautiful animal tamer.</b> Her plan is to marry the 'freak' for his money and then murder him in cold blood.
Frieda, also a dwarf and in love with Hans, can’t persuade him to believe that Cleo is only after his money.
When Cleo shows her true self on the most horrible wedding ever, the freaks want to take revenge…

After the success of both ‘Zippo’ and ‘Tchiek’, ‘Freaks’ also has to become a multimedia project.
Nevertheless, this time you will find a new mixture of acting, puppetry, slapstick, live music, video and acrobatic techniques.

The movie ‘Freaks’ by Tod Browning told the story for the first time in 1932. (www.joebates.com/joesfreakshow/freaks.htm or www.bullseyedesigns.com/sideshow/people)
Tod Browning made his first movie when he was 12 and could never stop. When he died, 177 movies had his signature.

Information abouth movie and Freaky people on:
www.joebates.com/joesfreakshow/freaks.htm www.bullseyedesigns.com/sideshow/people/people_index.htm

Directing and concept: Marc Maillard
Puppets by: Jan Maillard and Moniek Jacobs
Actors: Filip Peeters, Maarten Bosman, Bruno Smeyers, Dirk Van Boxelaere, Aagje Dom, Patrick Maillard, e.a.
Music by: Mauro Pawlowski and Anton Janssens