terug naar lijst

A musical fairy tail full of singing, images and beast!
“The beauty and the beast “ is since its cartoon of Walt Disney one of the most famous fairy tales of our times. We made our own theatre version.

It’s still about love, prejudices and victory over the unknown, because underneath every monster lies a prince or a…

Tibo the hero lives before the war.
He is an 18 carat soldier with steady hand and eyes that never twinkle.
If you close your eyes, you’re dead.
Tibo is dead, at least, so he thinks.
He’s kept prison but stays alive.
Living in the prison of the conqueror; the beast itself.
Who is the one named Terminus, what is he, or is it a she?
Tibo will get to know the monster and so do we!

“You love yourself but it is not mutual.”
(from “Pay the piper” of Fred Delfgauw)

Once again a scene full of mysteries as an exciting peepshow of surprises.

Directing and concept: Marc Maillard
Text: Johan Buytaert and Marc Maillard
Actors: Peter Thyssen and Tania Kloek
Singing: Nele Goosens
Music by: Guy Van Nueten (Deus)