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A beastly performance about war and reason for everyone who’s older than 10.

King Ubu is written by Alfred Jarry when he was 16. It was a puppet play to make fun of his teacher.
Everyone at the theatre school liked Ubu so much that they couldn’t stop using the figure as a means to ironize society. After a while, Jarry became one with his figure and he made up a whole Ubu-religion. They had a own era and own rules; everything quiet absurd and rude in language and signs.
Shit, phallic symbols and spirals where part of Ubu’s language.
And all this in a time of middle-class tightness, nothing was possible, everything was an order.

Our 'King Ubu' was a location project in our own space "DE VRIJE VAL II". The whole scenery stood under water and the public just sat right in the middle of it. The puppets even fell out of the sky.

Actors: Marc Decorte and Katrien Vandendries (Pa and Ma Ubu)
Puppeteers: Tania Kloek and Peter Thyssen
Technicians: Moniek Jacobs, Filip Timmerman and Bruno Smeyers
Sound and light: Ivo Kersmaekers
Text, directing and concept: Marc Maillard
Music: Bo SpaenC