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A video, theatre and puppet tale for adult children and some parents. (AUG / SEPT / OKT 2004)

LOVE IN BABYLON is a cross-over-project with humour referring to 'The life of Brian', in a realism macabre as with G. Garcia Marquez, in a medieval setting in Granada, in biblical times of sin, mixed together with hip hop, mothers-in-law, puppets-in-law, wives-to-be and extreme animal suffering.

This performance is a typical Froe Froe combination of live and edited video images, live music, puppets and actors, and just like Freaks shown in a Moroccan Chaidal tent.

Meslina has been forced to marry an older man, a very rich locksmith who works for Caliphs and Shahs. She receives all the keys of his palace, except one: that one of the front door. When she meets a real prince, he has to use his imagination to get her free …
Nahar is a master perfumer and Meslina likes him a lot. She is ordered by queen Sjams, the prettiest woman in the city, to ask him for a love perfume. Kamar, a friend of Nahar and playboy first class, definitely wants to meet the queen. Nahars perfume shows its effectiveness…
A city we know from biblical times. Cruel executioners entertain us with order and 'bread and circuses'.
Meslina is married to simple Ali. He is sweet and very stupid, but most of all, he has an irritating mother. Meslina looses her patience with the mother; especially now when she is having a new boyfriend, Rasjied. When Rasjied steels the donkey from Ali, everything turns into chaos…

Actors: Els Trio and Gert Jochems
Puppeteers and video manipulators: Gert Dupont and Bruno Smeyers
Live music: Kris Scale Strijbos
Video-editors, sound and lighting: Dirk Stevens and Filip Timmerman
Costumes en puppets: Moniek Jakobs, modelling: Wim Waumans
Scenery: Jozefien Daelemans, Gert Dupont, Bruno Smeyers, Dirk Stevens, Tille van De Makerij, Marc Maillard and Ina Peeters
Directing and puppets: Marc Maillard
Text: Johan Buytaert
Coordination: Kristin Van der Weken
Info: sgielkens@bsp.be