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New performance in a mix of songs, theater and puppettheater.
The old tale in a brandnew version for everybody and also for you.
We mix the classic puppet tradition with livemusic, songs, video, acting and exeptional puppets.
A mixtmedia - show that's very visual for erverybody.
No language, so easy to do, to go international...

Abouth a girl that lives in here own world of problems in a one-parent family. Not for sissis...

Gert Dupont, Maarten Bosmans, Ilse Uitterlinden, music by Amaryllis Uitterlinden and Frank Vanweddingen, technics by Andy Giebens and Brecht Ieven, puppets by Patrick Maillard, costumes by Moniek Jacobs, decor by Bruno Smeyers, assistents are Ina Peeters, Jan Maillard, Niké Moens, Kris Scheurweghs, Suzie Gielkens...

Première on 18 november 2006 in our own theater in Antwerp and on tour for the rest of the season, also available in 2007-2008