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THE FROG PRINCE After the famous illustrator Janosh
A splashing production for both adults and children over 5 years old.

In our own theatrical installation, the small world of the frog prince is magically turned into a lovely paradise filled with bubbles and water. Dive into a performance in the middle of a pleasant world humid and green, loaded with absurd and surrealistic elements. The stake is obvious, prejudice is the message. A splashing greenish adaptation of the FROG KING.
Four actors-puppetfreaks-video producers and musical animals create an extremely harsh but incredible poetic version of this well-known fairytale. Light-hearted and a bit naughty but above all extremely cosy, all together with our feet underwater.

"If you want to build up the theater public for tomorow, this is where you take youre children to."

With puppet show, astonishing performances and video creations of the one and only Hilde De Baerdemaeker and the tall Gert Dupont, with live music and dazzling play of the virtuoso Martine de Kok, video and soundscapes of Andy Giebens and Elke Verachtert. All of this under the direction of Marc Maillard.
Decor, costumes, props and puppets of the gigantic studio of FroeFroe with mainly Ina Peeters, Gert Dupont, Bruno Smeyers, Roos Janssens, Krisje Scheurweghs, Jo Swinnen, Jan, Patrick and Marc Maillard and others. With the assistance of the trainees Hanne Duys, Caroline Wardenier, Jana Elslander and Lien Baeyens.

Little girl: Frog prince, why do you wail like that? And why do you croak so loud?
Frog prince: Aah woman, I lost my golden ball. I want it back... I would give anything to get it back.
Little girl: Everything? Would you also give... yourself, your body and your life?
Frog prince: Everything.
Little girl: Would you also dance with me?
Frog prince: I would dance with you, come on give me my ball!
Little girl: Would you also marry me?
Frog prince: I would also marry you, but hurry up and take that ball, quick, do it now, before it flies off.
Little girl: And would you let me eat off your golden plate?
Frog prince: Yesyesyes, but give it now, my ball.
Little girl: And would you let me sleep in your room?
Frog prince: Yesyesyesyesyeeeeees, but hurry up, come on, give it to me now....

The little girl returns the ball.
The frog prince thinks: “It doesn’t matter if I promise her this or that, she’s just a stupid woman and women can’t swim.” But how could the frog now that the girl was in fact an enchanted frog princess.

“I could eat you out of love”, says the fly.
“That’s exactly what I won’t do, because I love you”, says the frog.
“But it’s what people in love do”, says the fly.
“Hap”, says the frog.
We don’t  know what the fly thought of that but we do know that ever since, frogs like to eat flies.