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(this performance is not suitable for shocked spectators or too young children)

“Cutting Edge”: “young and old get carried away in this daring theatre, full of razor sharp humor , and the end, as usual, came way too soon.”
“De Bond”: “Puck, an enchanting enchantment!”
“Gazet van Antwerpen”: “The ultimate puppet show, 12 in a row.”
“De Morgen”: “When Puck wants to bring the audience back to reality at the end of the show, only few spectators want to obey, and they are right!

Puck is an animating, interactive project where the audience is confronted with the direct, emotional power of real handpuppets and theatre. A nightmare about Oberon, his wife and their stepdaughter Brokske. The satyr Puck, servant of Oberon (from Midsummernightsdream from W.Shakespeare), will guide you through this witty performance.

The audience is brought to sleep and gets carried away in a dream.
The seasons are mixed-up.
Obviously Oberon and his wife Titania’s fault.
They have a fight about Titiana’s Venician foster daughter.
Oberon, divine and powerful but most of all sensitive to testosterone, wants the girl for “company”, but Titania won’t let her protégé go.
That’s why we get a big natureviolence and humanity is overwhelmed by a period of spring in autumn and winter in summer.
Puck, satyr and child of a human and a donkey, proposes to Oberon to make everything in order again with the famous magic potion that makes you fall in love with the first person you see when you wake up.
As expected and foreseeable, chaos and confusion are the only result...

A tent with 12 corners and 9 meters diameter is on your square.
The audience enters in an arena of 12 puppet theatres. Puck is standing high above the audience in the middle of this circle and manipulates, intrigues and entertains the people.

Text: Jan Maillard - Direction: Marc Maillard
With: Thais Scholiers, Maarten Bosmans, Gert Dupont, Filip Peeters, Norbert Pflanzer, Bruno Smeyers en Andy Giebens under the leadership of Jan and Marc Maillard. Paintings of Canaletto and live-music from Norbert Pflanzer and Thais SCholiers.
Scenery, puppets, costumes; made by the big Froe Froe Atelier.

If we shadows have offended,
Think but this and all is mended.
That you have but slumbered here,
While these visions did appear.