terug naar lijst

A show about the little girl Poupette. This story could just as well have been about someone else. There are so many out there who want their own story. But this story is about Poupette. Or about how a trip to Half Auntie became a big story. A performance full of drawings from the WhoKnowsWhere-book that Poupette has. A story about big city adventures. A story that ends on television because everybody would like to be one television once.

FroeFroe collaborated with 4Mains once before in 2008. The adaptation of Molière was a huge hit and won the press and culture prize of the Walloon Community. After four years of touring in French-speaking areas the adventure came to an end. Of course we’ve wanted to create a new project with them very much. Together fort…

Director: Marc Maillard – Marie–O Dupuis
  -  Actors, puppeteers: o.v. Jerôme Poncin, Gert Dupont, Marianne Loots and live music by Gloria Boateng