terug naar lijst

She’s much too young for love and should enjoy life first, he says. He knows what’s best for his very own daughter, doesn’t he? And that he will choose for her later on.

When you’re young, you don’t just wanna enjoy life, she says. When you’re young, you wanna binge-eat from life’s buffet, and guzzle it up until you just can’t anymore. And that he’s shouldn’t choose for her at all. Because choosing means losing.

He is Minos, old and a king. Too stubborn to die already, too worn out to live on.

She is Ariadne, young and predestined. Too fickle to face her fate, too unruly to undergo it.

This is her story. About her father, who wallows in pride and vindictiveness. But after all he is her father. About her brother the Minotaur, a monstrous man-beast that feasts on virgins and youngsters. But after all he is her brother. About her boyfriend, Icarus, an amazing unique dreamer. But after all he is her boyfriend. And about herself, her lovers, her life and her fater.  

Words by: Dimitri Duquennoy, Joost Van Den Branden and cast, with help from Ovid - Director: Marc Maillard – Actors and puppeteers: Filip Peeters, Benjamin Op de Beeck, Gert Dupont, Vik Noens, Joost Van den Branden, Ilse Uitterlinden e.a. – Live music by: Nelle en Dienne Bogaerts (or Lili Grace) and Nele Goossens - Technicians: Steven Bosmans, Lien Verlinden and Olmo Claessens – Puppets by: Ina Peeters, Marc Maillard, Janneke Hertoghs, Tina Heylen, Leen Van Den Bogaert - Costumes: Tina Heylen - Scenery: Bram Mishalle, Olmo Claessens