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Blood (for everyone from 8 and up) Not for sissies!

"My dad is never home. My stepmother just sits in front of her mirror all day. What does she see in that mirror anyway? I don’t see anyting. Why is she afraid of me? Why does she want me out?“

Life can be hard for a kid… Innocent and left to it’s own devices. Searching for a shoulder to cry on, she finds 7 pairs of little shoulders. Searching for a new roof over her head, just a little one will do.

Sharpen your teeth, wear your snow white skin and enjoy a scruffy and scary show full of dark mineshafts, 7 humpbacked little monsters, creaking hinges, glassy coffins, putrid aroma’s and rattling horrific chants. And don’t forget to bring your stepmom.

Created and performed by Martine De Kok (she who cuts through bone and marrow), Erik Bassier (the Bloodthirsty) en Gert Dupont (the Hideous and Ghastly)
Technician: Dirk Stevens